About us


Established in 2001, we built our business on the good old fashioned family values of respect, dignity and courtesy and this has enabled CMS to expand from its Gold Coast base to become a major Strata, Facilities and Property Management service provider, and employer of choice in our industry. We believe in excellence in customer service and our customers are treated as part of our business family.

We're also part of a bigger group. Cambridge Management Services is one of five companies who are part of Esquire Group. Offering services across Australia, together we form a formidable new force in property management.

Our secret is you. Our customers. Your world is important to us.  We know you’ve got a busy lifestyle and that all you want is a simple solution that gives you daily peace of mind that all your living essentials are being taken care of quickly and efficiently. We’re more than just finance and property; we’re here to support your needs, your community and your world.

We're passionate about being the best at what we do. We've spent significant time and resources developing and customising products and services to meet our customers' needs and our portfolio now includes over 50 schemes ranging in size from 10 lots to estates with over 2,000 lots.

With our head office located in Hope Island on the Gold Coast, we employ over 40 Strata, Facilities and Property Management professionals who focus on meeting the needs of each and every customer. Our unique corporate structure enables dedicated teams to specialise service delivery to clients of any size and complexity; meaning our customers get the very best advice and service across multiple industry disciplines.


What does this mean for you?

It means you get listened to. Your questions get answered. And your needs get met. We're able to look after your strata scheme, big or small, effortlessly, efficiently and successfully. Supporting your world is important to us, so why not call us now?