case studies

Greg Smith Chairman - Royal Pines Resort Principal Body Corporate  

Following my appointment [as Chairman of the Royal Pines Resort Principal Body Corporate], it became clear that the strata and facilities management of the Principal Body Corporate had not previously been carried out to a satisfactory level and required professional attention. Considering that Royal Pines Resort is a premium Integrated Resort consisting of 605 residential lots, Golf Course, Club House, Hotel and Marina it requires a very competent and experienced Strata and Facilities Management team. The PBC undertook an extensive search to identify a professional company which was willing to commit to the owners in the Resort on both a Strata and Facilities level. We identified Cambridge Management Services Pty Ltd as such a company which could assist us in fulfilling these roles. Cambridge Management Services Pty Ltd was engaged as Strata Managers in August 2013 and Facilities Managers in November 2013 and since this time the PBC is steadily moving to the level of management required of such a Resort. Based on my experience and interaction with the Cambridge Management Services Pty Ltd team, they are an organisation I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a Body Corporate and or a Facilities Manager.

Brian Finn – chairman of the committee of the body corporate committee of Magnolia Greens North, a precinct within Hope Island Resort.  

“I have found the staff of Cambridge Management Services, to be professional, courteous and effective. They are responsive to questions and concerns raised by the Committee and demonstrate a caring attitude to the needs of residents. They provide excellent advice and guidance. Based on my experience, Cambridge Management Services is an organisation I would recommend to anyone seeking a Body Corporate Manager.”

Ken Hulse – chairman Centenary Quays Jindalee

Having worked closely with Cambridge Management Services I found this company to be extremely professional and diligent in their approach to the management of Centenary Quays. The staff were at all times courteous and efficient, preparation of committee documents and advice was of a very high standard and our Cambridge Management Services representative Ms. Annalise St Ange was and still is an outstanding team member and made my position very tenable.