Macquarie Central

Building Site Check in

We are very happy to welcome you to the Macquarie Central to carry out any work and or service.
We ask that you always follow the instructions of the Building Manager or its representative onsite.

Can we take this opportunity to provide you some details of site specific information for Macquarie Central building.
ARRIVAL TO SITE – On each day of work or service you must sign in at the Building Managers near the pool area between Building (Skyline – A) and Building (Rise – B) Keys must be signed out and back in each day between 7:30am-3:30pm unless alternative arrangement are made.
FIRE / EVACUATION – In the event the building has to be evacuated or when the evacuation tone sounds you must stop work / service immediately and use the nearest marked exit point and proceed to the area deemed safe , in our case the The street area on Saunders Close opposite to the building, is our safe muster point
TOILETS – We have common area toilets in these buildings 1. Near the Building Manager’s office 2. Near the BBQ area between building (Altitude – C) and (Jade – D). These are not to be used for any other reason other than use of the toilet. Strictly no work-related use.
FIRST AID – A basic first aid kit is kept in the Building Managers office located in building “A” ground floor foyer.
PERMITS TO WORK – if a Permit is required for Hot work , Working at heights or Confined spaces Building Management must be notified and paperwork must be completed and signed before work commences.
ISOLATIONS – These must be notified to Building Management before any work commences and when work is completed.
PARKING – We have limited parking car park, as these are also used for owners and tenants’ visitors these may not be available all the time. Please discuss your requirement with Building Management.

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