Congratulations to Fiona Blain-Bartle!

Mar 2, 2022All

Congratulations to Fiona Blain-Bartle Operations & Marina Manager of Cambridge Management Services Martha Cove Victoria for being the first female to be accredited as the globally recognised Certified Marina Professional (CMP) in Australasia. Fiona is also the 29th CMP in the world and the third woman globally. Fiona has 15 years of working experience at Martha Cove. Fiona’s professional career has evolved from Community Liaison to Marina Manager and most recently Operations & Marina Manager. Fiona has strived for and dedicated years to her continual development completing the Intermediate and Advanced Marina Management Courses as well as other Strata and Facilities Management Courses. Fiona says, “The benefits of this certification will flow through to the large portfolio I manage which includes Communications, Financial Management, Asset/Infrastructure Management, Environmental Management, Marina Management, 173 Agreements, Fire Prevention, Security Services and Landscaping/ Cleaning at the 74-hectare Inland Marina at Martha Cove Victoria.” Her passion for the Marina and the complexities of the environment have ensured the 1,500 lot owners and 880 berths are supported and managed, and positive outcomes are reached when communicating with all stakeholders including local government, Department Land Water Planning, Parks Victoria, Foreshore Committee, Contractors and Owners. Congratulations Fiona!